Our Commitment to

The Planet

At Quanta, we are enabling a carbon-neutral future — by supporting our customers across all sectors of our work.

We are building the electricity grid that is necessary to interconnect renewables. We continue to harden and modernize the grid against age and extreme weather events, so that power flows better and line loss is reduced.

Through our leading pipeline integrity work, we replace old gas distribution and pipeline infrastructure to ensure safety and prevent methane leaks.

We are building the infrastructure that facilitates 5g and electric vehicles — and have partnered with a major auto manufacturer to lead the way in building ev charging infrastructure.

This report integrates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Disclosures that fulfill these standards are noted by indicators within the report.

Environmental Excellence on Projects

Quanta has an industry-leading reputation for environmental stewardship during its projects.

Managing environmental risk on projects and helping customers meet their environmental goals and standards is a key part of nearly every job we perform. From the planning phase through construction, we collaborate with our customers to complete projects on time and in compliance with environmental requirements.

The following electric power projects in Canada are in remote areas with challenging conditions and unique environmental requirements and are examples of Quanta’s experience with and reputation for environmental stewardship.

Case Study

Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project

In September of 2019, a Quanta operating company was selected by Wataynikaneyap Power lp to provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions for the Wataynikaneyap Transmission Project (Watay Project) in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Wataynikaneyap Power is a licensed transmission company and is majority-owned by a partnership of 24 First Nation communities in partnership with Fortis, Inc. and other investors. The scope of work on the project consists of EPC services for more than 990 miles of transmission and distribution infrastructure ranging in voltage from 25 kV to 230 kV and 22 substations. Once completed, the Watay Project will be the largest electric infrastructure project ever implemented to connect remote communities in Ontario, including 17 First Nations communities, with electricity generation and distribution systems that are not currently connected to the provincial transmission grid.


Case Study

East-West Tie Line project

In December of 2017, a Quanta operating company was selected to construct the East-West Tie Line Project in northern Ontario, Canada. We are working closely with Supercom Industries, a 100% Aboriginal-owned joint venture by the six First Nations proximate to the East-West Tie transmission line. Quanta is providing comprehensive construction services, including project management, material management, construction permitting and the construction of approximately 290 miles of double-circuit 230-kilovolt transmission line connecting Hydro One’s Wawa Transformer Station, Marathon Transformer Station and Lakehead Transformer Station. We are supporting local procurement for the project, with spin-off benefits including suppliers and workers buying services and products locally.

Case Study

Kingsvale Transmission Line

A Quanta operating company partnered with the Lower Nicola Indian Band Development Corporation and Trans Mountain to build the Kingsvale Transmission Line Project in British Columbia. The 138 kV transmission line connects to a customer’s distribution line to provide additional power to Trans Mountain’s existing Kingsvale pump station, as well as to a new Kingsvale pump station, as part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. The project experienced zero lost-time injuries, and over 75% of the subcontractors hired were Indigenous.

Case Study

Resilient Construction During Hurricane Laura

In June 2020, two Quanta operating companies completed the construction of 5.6 miles of new 230 kV transmission line stretching from Nelson to Manena, Louisiana. The project was designed to withstand 140 mile-per-hour winds.

The new line made it through an unprecedented storm season in 2020 with no damages, including Hurricane Laura, which was the strongest storm to make landfall in 164 years in Louisiana.

Case Study

Grid Resiliency Work

Quanta has collaborated with several customers on multi-year initiatives to enhance service and reliability across several communities. These projects focus on upgrading transmission and distribution infrastructure across the power grid to decrease the number and length of power outages experienced by customers.

This type of modernization work will allow the grid to meet increasing renewable needs, while remaining resilient and reliable for customers.

Case Study

Supporting our Customers (and Local Wildlife)

A Quanta operating company crew working in the Grasslands National Park south of Val Marie, Saskatchewan, Canada, provided expertise for a customer who noticed hawks using an overhead line as a perch, giving them an unfair advantage over their prey, the local prairie dogs and Sharp-tailed Grouse. The crew worked with a local farmer, in collaboration with the customer, and plowed nearly six miles to relocate the line underground.

Case Study

Building EV Charging Station Infrastructure

Quanta is working to support our customers to meet the increasing need for electric vehicle charging stations throughout North America. Several operating companies are currently installing charging infrastructure, and Quanta is also working with several major vehicle manufacturers to help them expand their charging networks.

Case Study

World’s Largest Battery Storage Center

In the fall of 2020, a Quanta operating company was awarded the Manatee Energy Storage Center, which will be the largest solar-powered battery storage center in the world upon its scheduled completion in 2021, with a capacity of 409 megawatts. Scheduled battery storage is now in a phase of rapid growth as the industry continues to move toward clean energy.

Case Study

Supporting Solar Work

Many of the services we provide facilitate efficient and safe delivery of clean energy and the migration toward a carbon-neutral world. Through various projects across North America, Quanta supports our customers’ transition to renewables for a carbon-neutral future. A Quanta operating company is supporting a customer to build a 100+ mw solar facility in Texas.